Must be over 21 to remove nail polish?

I might have been a Barbie girl, but I am not much anymore. Now I am a flip flop, comfy clothes wearing, keep it simple kind of girl. Having said all that, in the summer I like to paint my toenails. I have never been one to paint my fingernails. I like to keep my fingernails trimmed short, clean and free of polish. Toes on the other hand have an entirely different standard. I’ll tell you why. Feet are gross, and by connection so are toenails.

Since I am a flip flop girl, I spend most of the summer in my flip flops, which means my toes are freeing it all on their own. Since toes are gross, I have resorted to toenail polish. Generally speaking I keep them dark red, or my current color of a greyish blue. So when I came across this newsworthy information I was flabbergasted. Due to issues with using the acetone in nail polish remover for meth, CVS stores now require those purchasing nail polish remover to be over 18, show an ID, and you cannot purchase more than two bottles. I remember there were similar issues with Thera Flu, and now you can rarely find it in the store when you desperately need it.

Note: As of last Friday, CVS has reversed its decision and now it only applies in California, Hawaii, and West Virginia.

What will my toes do in the summer if nail polish remover becomes scarce? What has this world come to? Will we have a future of layers and layers of polish due to nail polish remover scarcity?


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