Creative You.

Do personality tests fascinate you? We all have a desire to understand ourselves better. It is an insatiable desire in some. I am an avid learner so of course when I came across “Creative You: Using Your Personality Type to Thrive” by David Goldstein and Otto Kroeger, I was intrigued. I cannot say I read it cover to cover, I did more of a “scan.” So it is not listed on my list of 2013 books. Nevertheless, I wanted to share this book with you. It talks mostly about how we are each creative in our own ways, while talking through the lens of Myers-Briggs.

If you have never taken a Myers-Briggs test you can do so here. I do not know if that site is the most accurate, but it is a start. Before taking it over the weekend, I had thought I was an INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging) from previous tests. Taking the test again confirmed that I am INFJ. “Creative You” looks at the different Myers-Briggs personality types and looks at them through the lens of creativity. It is a fascinating concept. For example, INFJ is listed as “The Inspirer.”

It takes you through different types of creativity (music, acting, cooking, painting, etc) and shows how different personality types might respond in different situations. It also discussed these same personality types at work. I had a few aha moments when comparing my creative type to Chris’. So often we think of ourselves as strong in some areas and weak in others, and yet what came to me as I compared us creatively is that he is more strongly creative in certain areas than I am and vice versa. So maybe I should be aware of my blind spots, and not try so hard to fix them. Focusing on the creative strengths might be the best bet.

I definitely recommend peeking at this book!

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