Your first Drive-In?

Do you remember the first movie you saw at the Drive-In? I do. It did not happen often, but I do remember my mom popping popcorn, and bringing Cokes (one of the rare occasions when we were allowed soda, or my midwestern roots would say “pop”). We would get into our paneled, yellow Buick station wagon and head to the Drive-In. My sister and I would get to lay down in the back-end of the station wagon to watch the movie. So, ready for my first Drive-In flick? Ghostbusters. Remember Slimer?

When I came across Honda’s current campaign to save the Drive-In, I was interested. Honda has started “Project Drive-In.” A campaign to reignite and support local Drive-Ins. As the movie industry moves from film to digital, most Drive-Ins will be impacted. Since most Drive-Ins today still have older projectors, Honda has launched this campaign to help replace the film projectors in Drive-Ins to digital, a $80,000 cost. They are putting up a vote to see which Drive-In should be next.

I am a bit partial because the 99W Drive-In in Newberg, OR is my closest Drive-In, so of course I was excited to see that people voted to save them — and they are a winner! I looked up the one from my childhood and it looks like it is not listed (bummer)! When I tried to find a full article at the newspaper I used to deliver papers for, I would have had to pay for the excerpt, and quite frankly, I was not interested. So I guess I will have to wonder what happened to the Ski-Hi Drive-In.

I encourage you to check out the Project Drive-In website and vote to save your local Drive-In, or one from your past. Of course, Honda is also taking donations for individuals to support saving more Drive-Ins. Voting has been extended to September 21. While yes I raise my eyebrows when I wonder about the motives of Honda, I do think it is a landmark of the past that should be preserved.

Do you remember your first Drive-In? Was it as a kid, with your family, or on a first date?

2 thoughts on “Your first Drive-In?

  1. I don’t remember my first drive-in. But, this post certainly reminds me that some of the nostalgic ways of the past may provide more appropriate paths into the future. Thanks for sharing 😉


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