A makeover for him, a change of thought for me

Life is always full of surprises. At times there are moments that catch us off guard, and a shift happens in our thought. That happened to me after watching this video. A bit of background and some honest transparency. Portland has a high volume of homeless people. Over time it is very easy to be desensitized. After seeing individuals or families asking for money at many intersections you begin to stop seeing them, and honestly you begin to stop trusting that they really are homeless.

I remember living in a neighborhood in downtown Portland a few years ago. An elderly woman would always stand outside of Whole Foods and beg for money. She did not really look that homeless, more just old. She was persistent, and I began to wonder if she was really homeless. A long time later (after we moved to the burbs) I was talking with friends about that neighborhood, and this woman was discussed. A friend said they knew the older woman’s family, and she was not at all homeless. Does that explain the trust issue?

So when I saw this video transformation it brought tears to my eyes. It reminded me that regardless of trust, honesty, or our lot in life we are all still just people. We all still want to be loved, feel like we belong, and have a purpose. It has opened my thought to remember that regardless of what we have each been through, we all deserve to be treated with respect. We do not always know another’s story. While we do not always have to respond with money, we can respond with kindness, prayer, and maybe sometimes bring them food. I hope his transformation impacts you as much as it did me.

2 thoughts on “A makeover for him, a change of thought for me

  1. So glad to have your thoughts and encouragement to respond to people, regardless of the outward appearance, heart to heart. The video is wonderful — hopefully inspiring viewers to go the extra mile to help individuals regain their dignity. Late last night as we were driving slowly through a RR crossing there was a man in the dark with a cardboard sign. In just an instant I caught his eye and smiled at him and in that split second he looked surprised and smiled back. It was a heart to heart exchange.
    I read an article by a writer in LA who wanted to experience “panhandling” so he dressed the part, made a sign and stood at a freeway offramp. His biggest surprise was that people would go to great lengths NOT to acknowledge or even look at him. It made him feel less than human. The few times someone smiled, nodded or spoke to him it was a life affirming feeling he said. Next time I’m going to have some $ as well as a smile ready. Isn’t it the thought behind the giving that’s important?


    • I love hearing about your exchange. I need to remember to smile and try and connect rather then to move on with things. I think that many do go to lengths not to acknowledge. Brings tears to my eyes thinking about it. The thought behind it is what is important! Thank you for sharing 🙂


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