Street harassment: NYC

Cat calls, gross remarks, disrespect. Most women have had this happen at some point in their life. Sometimes it happens many, many, many times over the course of their life. Whether they are walking down a city street, going for a run, or walking into a bar they are susceptible to such shitty behavior from men. How many times I have had men make remarks to me that were disgusting, slanderous, or just downright wrong — well I could not count it on my two hands. If that is the case for me, what does that mean for countless women? Why do we put up with it?

Of course there is the fact that often we are out at night and potentially it is not safe for us to stand up for ourselves. We want to be safe and so it is easier to walk away, brush off the comments, and move on with our life. Of course there are times when a woman hears a comment from a man she walks by and she thinks: “Damn I look good today.” Most of the time though the comments are not satisfactory. They do not promote a positive outcome or a feeling of self-worth.

Take a moment to watch this YouTube video of a woman who walks in NYC for 10 hours and receives over 108 comments.


If you are a man does it make you think about what might come out of your mouth? Does it make you want to say something to other men? To tell them to shut up and have some respect for the women in the world?

Men, keep your comments to yourself.

2 thoughts on “Street harassment: NYC

  1. I saw this when it came out. It’s absolutely appalling. I cannot believe that men would think that this is 1) a compliment that would make women melt, or 2) an appropriate way to behave at all. Unbelievable. Some of them are downright scary. As the father of a daughter (and son who will never do this s***), a husband to a wife, a brother to a sister, a son to a mother, a man… no a human… I worry for society that this happens. That it has to be a conversation. Actually, that people aren’t saying anything to the men acting this way. Crazy. I will encourage my daughter to be proud and confident in who she is. That she will accomplish anything in this world because she is strong, smart and more than capable. Unfortunately, she also has to be brave, partly because of men like this.

    Every night (sometimes throughout the day), Kim and I tell our kids 3 things. We repeat them in the same way every time so that they truly set in. We want them to know these 3 things regardless of where they are, what obstacles they may face and if they’re with them or not. We say to them, “Your are kind. You are brave. And Jesus loves you.” They know them by heart and repeat them to themselves now. They know they are loved. They know they are strong. They will accomplish great things.

    On a side note, here’s a follow-up story to this video. She apparently is getting rape threats. What is wrong with this world?!


  2. Ugh what is wrong – rape threats? Wow. I love that you are raising your kids in this way, and I will have to remember the three things. They will always remember them and will live by them. Thank you for sharing!


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