“The Law of Two-Thirds”

I love to share a good thing. Whether that is my new favorite restaurant, or a referral for a hair stylist. It does not matter. Sharing a good thing feels good. So thank you, John, for sharing this great blog, and the idea of the two-thirds rule with me.

The full blog post is from “Start from Why.” The blog post explains that out of these three, we can only have two:

  1. Quality
  2. Speed
  3. Price

He explains that if we want fast food, we are not after quality, but we want it quick and cheap. If we are buying a new luxury car, we want quality and price, but want it done well, so we do not care as much about speed, and are willing to wait. What areas of your professional and personal life follow The Law of Two-Thirds? Are there projects you are working on that you know you will have to sacrifice quality because you are asked to do it quickly and cheaply? Or do you have projects where quality matters, and so you sacrifice speed?

It makes me think about the many times where it is hard for me to sacrifice quality. When my name is attached to anything I am working on, I want quality to come first. We do not always have that choice. Many times money is the driving force to how we have to approach what we do. Yet, so is speed. In this world of now, now, fast, now, speed tends to be the focus. So does that mean that many of the times what is lost is quality?

I hope not. I hope that quality eventually becomes the most important aspect of The Law of Two-Thirds. What do you think?