Do Good, Be Good, and Kick Ass

My inspiration for this week was stolen. Yes, I stole it, from the back of a truck. It said: “Do Good, Be Good, and Kick Ass.” Of course I did what most smart phone loving individual does, I took a picture. What if that was your mantra in life?

We often think about being good, sometimes we talk about doing good, and I think when we know who we are we just want to kick ass. At least I always want to kick ass. I love that a company chose to advertise with this tagline and that it may very well inspire folks as they sit in traffic (as it did me). A win-win sales pitch.

I try to be good, but sometimes I get a little sassy, so I will work on that this week. Ah forget that. I would not even know how to start to take out the sass. Instead, I will just keep goodness in the forefront of my thought. I will try to lead with good in my interactions, and as a result my hope is that my actions will lead me down the path to do good. Now for kick ass. When you put 110% in all that you do whether that be work, family, marriage, friendships, two things happen. You fall right to sleep at the end of the day, because you are pooped, and 99% of the time you kick ass. Are you giving it all you’ve got?

So your inspiration for today, is to remember: “Do Good, Be Good, and Kick Ass.”