releasing resentment

I subscribe to a daily newsletter called: Daily Om. Yesterday’s email was on the topic of releasing resentment.  Recently I was laid off from my job and have been asked numerous times if I resent the situation I was in.  There are times I have felt that way, and there are times when I have felt extremely grateful to be in this new experience and adventure.  I have bolded below what I have been especially pondering today.

“Hanging onto resentment in our hearts does not serve us in any way. Successfully divesting ourselves of resentful feelings can be difficult, however, because doing so forces us to mentally and emotionally confront the original source of anger. When we cease assigning blame, we realize that our need to hold someone or something responsible for our feelings has harmed us. We thought we were coping with our hurt when in fact we were holding onto that hurt with a vice grip. To release resentment, we must shift our attention from those we resent back toward ourselves by thinking of our own needs.”

You can read the full newsletter here: Daily Om 1/10/12.

So can we stop thinking about what has been done to us, and start looking at what we need to do for ourselves?  Are you holding any resentment today?  Have you been holding resentment for someone for a while?  If so, take time out to shift your attention so you can move forward.

Time to go for a nice long run resentment-free!

4 thoughts on “releasing resentment

  1. My only resentment, at the current moment, is that my coffee is too cold to drink and it’s too late in the day to brew fresh nectar of the gods. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow! Thanks for sharing T – I love being able to read your thoughts – keep ’em coming! xo


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