I remember friends in college that would say that they would only live in Seattle or New York or Los Angeles or (insert town of choice) after graduation. They would then list all the reasons the city they loved was so amazing. I, however, never grew up with an affinity for a specific city. Nothing led me to one over the other. Until Portland. My husband and I basically closed our eyes and put a pin on a map and landed on Portland.  We wanted a change of pace from Boston, and wanted to start new and fresh somewhere as newlyweds. Portland won the map/pin contest, and as far as I am concerned it has won my heart. We often joke that I should work for the Portland Chamber of Commerce because of how much I talk about Portland, and try to encourage folks to move here.

So, if you are not from Portland, or do not know much about it, then be sure to check out: Portlandia on IFC (airs on Friday nights). The second season has just started and it just gets better and better. Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen are hilarious. Maybe it is because I have become a die-hard Portlander, maybe it is because I think this is one of the best cities in the US, or maybe because it is just well written and clever comedy. Yes, just like Saturday Night Live not every sketch is funny, not every sketch resonates with me, but so many of them are just SO Portland.

When you live in a city where there is street where you can find a man riding a unicyle, playing an accordian (yes true story), you get used to just about anything. We have a Mustache and Beard Club, Voodoo doughnut where the line will go for blocks for quite an interesting doughnut (be sure to check our their menu here), Zombie walks, Pub Crawls on a Portland BrewCycle, the list goes on. Be sure to check out the “Put a bird on it” sketch from Season 1. I have even heard that someone is marketing a ‘Put a bird on it’ bumper sticker.

Keep Portland Weird sign

Enjoy Portlandia, I am off to Keep Portland Weird.

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