Leap Day: Clocks, Birthdays, and Inspiration

I grew up in Indiana, where for most of my life we did not change our clocks during Daylight Savings Time. When I went off to school (boarding high school) and then college, I lived in states that observed Daylight Savings and you changed your clocks. It was always so confusing to me (and still is). Since I lived over half of my life in Indiana, NOT changing my clock is what makes sense to me. Each year when it is that time of year to change the clock, I have to ask my husband, okay we spring forward so are we gaining an hour or losing it? I know if I actually used my brain I could figure it out on my own, but it always feels unnatural to me. I think it is always harder for me to process because deep down I always ask myself, is this really necessary? It also shows what gets ingrained in us during our primitive years!

Which leads me to Leap Year. I have to say that as I thought about it, I could not remember what Leap Year/Leap Day was all about! Why do we have this random extra day every four years? So I did what most people probably do in these cases. I Googled it. Not at all what I was expecting. Years divisible by four, more revolutions around the sun, blah, blah, blah.

The bigger question to me is: What do people do that are born on February 29? Do they celebrate their birthday on February 28 or March 1? Or are they just much younger than the rest of us?! What an odd situation to be in. I have a friend who is a firefighter. She worked a 24 hour shift yesterday and is working another 8 hours today (for a total of 32 hours in a row) so that their rotating 24 hour work/shift schedules are not off for the year. The way their shifts work, it means they can know today if they will have to work on Christmas day in 2020. So Leap Year impacts their schedule of holidays. Their solution: each of the three shifts work 8 hours today. Fascinating! The work life disruptions of Leap Year.

Well I learned something today. I leave you with a short and inspiring blog from Seth Godin. You have to click the link to be inspired.

Happy Leap Day!

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