The Lost Art of Letter Writing

I am old school about letter writing. A good friend and I were talking recently about writing letters, and how we used to write to each other all the time. I truly think it has become a lost art. Do you own any stamps? I do. Yes, I need them for the occasional strange bill that takes forever to pay online, and I need them for the cards and letters I send in the mail. Regardless of what popular opinion says, I believe there is something that is still precious about receiving a letter in the mail.

Yes, it takes more time than Facebook, or an email, or a Tweet. Yes, it takes a stamp (I cannot seem to even keep up with what a stamp costs, now that they sell the ‘Forever’ stamps). Yes, it require paper and an envelope. It also requires a bit of thought, a little love, and possibly a little creativity. I promise that you have what it takes. You can occasionally break the techno-mold (no not the green furry stuff), the I am in a rut and always do things electronically. Try it. Take out a piece of paper, or go to a fun stationary or paper store and purchase a card. Or, heck, cut up your empty cereal box. Decide who you would like to send a little love to this week, this month, this year, and write a note of what they mean to you. Be honest, be real, be direct. Be you. Put it in the envelope, address the envelope, and put a stamp on it. Then drop it in the mail.

Result: A happy friend, family member, lover. A happy recipient of a few extra minutes of your time. It will show. They may never tell you, but it will mean something to them. Then (oh my gosh yes) do it again. And again, and again. It will then be easy for you to resurrect the lost art of letter writing.

This individual took a month off from the Internet and corresponded with folks via paper mail. Now, I am not sure I could go that far (a month without the Internet would be like a month without water). What I can do is to try to continue to resurrect this lost art. Are you with me?

add a little "amore" to your letter

I am off to write a Thank You note.

3 thoughts on “The Lost Art of Letter Writing

  1. I love getting “real” letter in the mail. My mom is a letter writer so I get them from her on a regular basis, but I respond via email! Your post inspired me to write her back on a lovely piece of stationery. Thanks!


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