In Plain Sight…Ending

I am a bit bummed out. There are only two episodes left of the TV show: In Plain Sight. Have you seen it? If not you will want to Netflix and start with the first season. I am getting too ahead of myself though. I started watching In Plain Sight because I was a West Wing addict. I really liked the role Mary McCormack played on The West Wing so when I saw she was on a new show a few years ago, I was intrigued.

Here it is five seasons later and I am sad, because it is the final season and there are only 2 episodes left. If you have not heard of In Plain Sight, it is about two US Marshalls supporting the Witness Protection Program. Not having ever witnessed a crime I really knew nothing about the Witness Protection Program. While this is a fictional show, the storyline is very realistic and it has really made me think about what it must be like to be a witness.  Your identity has to be changed. Nothing you did before can be the same. If you are a lawyer, you can do nothing pertaining to law. To give up your life, your job, friends, sometimes your family and start over fresh somewhere else, so you can stay safe because of something you witnessed.

I also like watching In Plain Sight, because well Mary Shannon (Mary McCormack’s name on the show) is a badass. Yes, I use this word a lot. She does not take crap from anyone, she is strong, brave, and has no patience for the trivial parts of life. You want her on your side. Can you tell sassy women inspire me?

So while I mourn the loss of this great TV show, I hope you add it to your list!

3 thoughts on “In Plain Sight…Ending

  1. Always hard when a favorite show ends. Didn’t ever get started on In Plain Sight (glad to know about it), but another view of the witness protection program comes up in a griping series about 2/3 way through (14 of 22 episodes so far) — The Firm, based on the book by John Grisham (Grisham is exec. producer on the show, but not the screenplay writer). The Firm would be a good one to Netflix so that you could skip the tension building between weekly episodes.
    Thanks for your always insightful and fun takes on random olio!


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