Authenticity. It is something I believe we are losing more and more of in our society. At times, I am not sure we are even present in our conversations due to the instant gratification of checking our smart phones to log onto Facebook, Twitter, emails, texts, LinkedIn, the list goes on. (I am just as much to blame, so do not feel I am on a soap box). So if we are not present and in the moment in our conversations, how are we being authentic? Are you focused on what your significant other, partner, friend, sibling is saying, or are you thinking about the work your boss just added onto your plate? Or the latest gossip from your friend? If we cannot focus, how can we truly be ourselves?

On top of our distraction, our focus tends to be about when we are going to get the next greatest job, or the next best car, or the newest iPhone or iPad (we are a Mac house, so I only talk in “i’s”). I am grateful to live in a community that does not focus so much on material wealth. One that cares about relationships and connections. I have been networking these past few weeks, and one thing I have learned about Portland is that we are a very connected town. I knew that in certain ways, but I did not know it was so important in finding a job. Most everyone I have talked to speaks to how forming relationships and connections is really the only way to get something done in Portland.

part of sign in Amsterdam

We need to be more authentic with each other. Are you being authentic in your daily life? With your spouse, partner, friends, family? By taking a stand for what you believe in, and acting in those ways, are you impacting those around you? Do you inspire them to embrace their own authenticity? If so, I can assure you – you will be happier.

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