What is your money pledge?

Thank you, again, LearnVest. I have blogged before about LearnVest. This week one of their email newsletters mentioned the LearnVest pledge. While I really have no desire to participate in their LearnVest pledge, I do appreciate what they are trying to do. I guess I am not really into things like this that is sponsored by a massive corporation. Since LearnVest is doing it in connection with Chase, it makes me want to run the other way. Having said that, I love the idea of the LV pledge, and I do appreciate the pledge they have put together:

“I pledge to live my richest life, take control of my money, and be a source of support & inspiration for others striving for financial freedom.”

What would your money pledge be? I continue to work on my own money issues. I grew up poor for many years of my life, and spent a lot of time with my grandma. She grew up during the Depression so had quite a Depression mentality in regards to money. Spending so much time with her, and living with her for a few years, I think I took on some of her financial tendencies. When you grow up poor, and constantly watched your parents fight to just put food on the table, keep the electricity on, and the phone in service, it creates a feeling of lack. I am not sure I ever felt there was much of a surplus growing up. When I went to college and then began working after college, I still was often in debt. Whether it was credit card debt to pay for unexpected expenses, in addition to car and student loans, it often was hard to feel like there was ever extra that I could devote to an emergency fund or even to splurge for once.

Today I constantly look at purchases and money decisions in a way that would make you think I live in poverty. I am hard-core about how we spend our money and I think that is my way of trying to make sure I never end up in the situation I was in when I was young. So maybe I overcompensate for my past. Chris often has to get me to see that the decisions we are making are good, progressive, and that we can afford it. It is like he constantly has to bring me into the present. Based on my history with money and my Depression mentality, my money pledge would be more in the lines of:

“I pledge to free myself of the chains I feel around money. I can feel liberated while also making smart choices. As I let go of my past tendencies I hope to inspire and help others who also care about their financial future.”

What is your money pledge? Feel free to share in the comments section of this post if you feel so inclined!

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