How you made them feel…

Thank you to the folks at Delivering Happiness for designing a great inspiring image. They have created downloadable wallpaper with the following quote:

I love this idea. It resonates with me. I think we may vaguely remember what people say or do, but our feelings run deep and we usually ALWAYS remember how we felt. Regardless of whether that feeling is good or bad we remember. If it is the tone of words that were used that make you feel small, or the gratitude of the words that make you confident and appreciated, how you FEEL sticks.

It is a good reminder near the end of the week. How are you treating others? Do you show your appreciation for what they do for you, and how they make your life easier? Do you notice when someone is having a rough day and take the time to check in on them? Do you take your frustration out on others? This is my reminder to think about how I might make others feel. What is my intention? How does my tone come across to others?

Remember how your actions might make others feel!

5 thoughts on “How you made them feel…

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