Are Women Paid Fairly?

I am a bit cranky about this…yesterday I was reading the Daily Worth newsletter. Often I scan through their emails quickly and move on, but this time I read it entirely. It was about a bill that is being voted in on Congress today on the Paycheck Fairness Act. I wonder if this Act is going to pass, I want it to, but many news articles mention that it is not going to pass. How is that possible?

I am appalled. Come on folks it is 2012 and women STILL have to fight to have equal wages. Seriously? What a joke. Just like this Daily Worth poll, I had no idea that this Act was even up for vote. If we knew, would more women back and fight it? Yes, I think so. Why do we even have to fight this? If we are truly all created equal, why do we need to fight for workplace equality? Does it mean men add something to the job that women are not capable of doing? The last time I checked the only thing a man could do better was pee standing up. Was there something else I was missing?

As you can tell I am seriously appalled that Congress has to even waste time on this – it should have been passed years ago. It makes me question all the other things that might still be unequal for women. Are women still looked at as not strong enough? What other biases exist about women that still need to be expunged?

I need help with this, I am really struggling to see the bigger picture of why this is even a conversation. Thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Are Women Paid Fairly?

  1. It’s been a sad year for women’s rights all the way around in the US. This seems to happen when congress can’t fix the real issues at hand such as the economy, jobs, increasing taxes, etc… they create diversions by going after women’s issues both in cutting our rights or in creating ones we didn’t know we didn’t have. Good insights here. Thank you, Renee


  2. Hear, hear..

    On the subject of rights and inequalities, earlier today, I heard a news report about 4 women in a remote village of Pakistan who were allegedly shot and killed for dancing at a wedding. The dancing was recorded on a mobile phone and the tribal council passed sentence. I guess we still have a long way to go before equality exists anywhere.



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