YOU in four words

Can you describe yourself in four words? I recently stumbled over this blog post where Lori writes about describing yourself in four words. It really got me thinking! I think how one answers this question changes from time to time. How would you answer that question today? Does your answer show where your priorities stand? I do not always like defining myself and putting walls around things, but I do find it interesting to see if my answer would be different today than it is tomorrow. I have seen this image floating around Facebook lately. The idea is the first four words that pop out to you are to describe you.

me on a rooftop deck in Austin

Tami in four words on March 12, 2012:  Wife, Woman, Blogger, Creative

A little wisdom from Anne Lamont: “We begin to find and become ourselves when we notice how we are already found, already truly, entirely, wildly, messily, marvelously who we were born to be.”

How would you describe yourself in four words?

9 thoughts on “YOU in four words

  1. Wife, mom, writer, reader. Can I have a few more words? I have more to say! Can I sneak in “music lover,” “cook,” and “nice person?” Why did I bother asking you that! I did it any way. Sorry. Apparently “ignorer of rules” should be number one.

    Love the post. You can limit the rule-breaker (me) to just the four.


    • Robin: Yes I had a hard time picking 4…and found that based on what I might be focused on those four could shift. We all have so many different talents and qualities that exemplify us – hard to limit to 4!


  2. Hi Tami,
    Thanks for the mention! When I wrote the post I was thinking of roles-in-life words but most people, like your readers, identified themselves with adjectives. If asked to choose 4 adjectives. Those are broader, but I think the role-words say as much about a person and infer the adjectives that go with them so I’m sticking with them: Mother, Writer and Community-builder.
    What are your four words?


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