Do You Ever Make Up Your Own Words?

I make up my own words. If you asked my husband, he would most likely say I make up my own words on a daily basis. I believe it happens because there are too many things going on in my mind, and whatever comes out is often the combination of a few words.

One that comes to mind as I write this is one day when I felt like Chris was coddling me a bit (he is so good to me, but I think I was cranky and hungry). I cannot remember the exact thing that happened, but my response was: “I not child.” (Said with an aggressive huff.) Yes, no typos there, that is exactly what I said. Now it is funny to us, and we use it for a good laugh once in a while. And, we always say it in a cranky tone.

Somehow over the years he has learned to translate my smashed words and 99% of the time he knows what I am trying to say, but he never lets me off the hook. A day or so later he will find a way to weave my made up word into conversation and wait for my reaction. As soon as I realize what he is doing, a slow grin creeps onto his face. This happens a few times over the course of a couple of weeks until the word becomes part of our normal conversation. Although whenever Chris says it there is a grin on his face. Ah, what fun we have together.

Do you make up your own language when you are tired, cranky, or there is just too much going on in your mind?  I would love to hear the things that have come out of your mouth, that now make you laugh.

8 thoughts on “Do You Ever Make Up Your Own Words?

  1. My brother does this. When we’re shouting and angry at each other, we make up insults combined of other insults. He also takes normal words and makes new ones out of them. Like disgruntled and overwhelmed. When someone asks him how he is he often replies with yes, I’m perfectly gruntled and whelmed!


  2. In England, when you don’t really want to do something a turn of phrase you might use is ‘I can’t be assed’. My son (6 at the time) had overheard his brother (13 at the time) saying this quite a bit apparently and one evening during dinner when someone requested the bowl of potatoes replied ‘I can’t be asked’. No one in our house ever says anything but ‘I can’t be asked’ now, and every time we smile. 🙂


  3. I made up my own animal one time, does that count? My husband and I rented a small country house temporarily several years ago and one night we got home rather late. We went inside and got ready for bed. I went to the kitchen sink for some water and there was a 10-point buck looking at me through the window. I screamed and when my husband ran to my “rescue” I screamed “Oh my God there’s a 10-point duck staring at me!” It’s a running joke in house now-I haven’t lived it down yet.


    • It definitely counts! I would have done the same thing – especially if I am startled – who knows what would come out of my mouth!


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  5. haha when i try to be funny with my sister or try to stop myself from saying the wrong thing at the last sec when im mad i make up words haha i thought i was the only one!


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