I love trees. Really I do.

But. I cannot contain myself. There is a tree that is not on our property, that has been hovering over our tiny postage stamp back yard for the past 5 years. It is an evergreen-type tree (I have no idea what kind). The reason I really dislike the tree is that it has hovered near our bedroom window and the disgusting yellow pollen has infiltrated our backyard every year since we have lived here.

Let me give you a bit of background. My husband never had allergies. We lived in Boston before moving to Portland and he was fine. We even lived in downtown Portland for a few years and he was fine. Until we moved into this house. That tree has made him swell, puff, tear, you name it. It has meant that we have not been able to have our windows open because of the thick yellow pollen dust that has coated our table, bed, desks, etc. It does not seem to bother me, but the moment Chris ingests that fine powder of pollen, the next week is hell. So we keep our windows closed. No fresh Portland air coated with yellow pollen for us.

Until. YESTERDAY. We came home and I looked in our backyard and I see all these pinecones on the ground and I think: Why are there all these pine cones? We just cleaned the backyard yesterday. Was there a storm while I was at work that I do not remember?

And. Then. I. Look. Up. AND. FREAK OUT. The tree is gone. That tree and four others around it. Many, many months ago, we were told that trees in our area had been affected by some sort of bug and that some would be cut down because of the damage done by said bug. We prayed that this horrible pollen infested tree would go. Each day that we would come home the tree would still be there. Until today. Months later we are given a gift.

I am still in shock. Our tree is gone, and while I would never be excited about killing a tree, I am. I am excited that maybe, just maybe Chris can breathe and BE in our backyard. I am excited for the sunshine we never had in our backyard.

It is the little things, right?

what is left of our tree!

2 thoughts on “Bushwhacked

  1. NICE!! Chris mentioned that tree and the havoc it wreaked on you guys and your house. Thank goodness it’s finally gone!!
    Ooooh, and just think. Now Chris can do all of those backyard projects you’ve been wanting him to do this summer! 🙂


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