Little Green Monsters

Back in February, I posted a blog about Green Smoothies. For the past few years I have started my day with a green smoothie.

Last week a Facebook friend posted a link to a blog about kids and green smoothies. I had to watch the video included in the blog a few times. Specifically I loved watching the little boy and his intense desire to have his green smoothie. He looks like a little gentleman in a toddler’s body. I hope my kids are as enamored with green smoothies as these two precious little ones. You will also want to try the “Green Monster Chocolate Smoothie” recipe posted at the above blog link. We made it yesterday morning and this morning and are enjoying it. It gives us another option to our usual green/fruit smoothie. It consists of spinach, kale, peanut butter, chocolate almond milk, ice, and a banana. (We did not have any kale so we doubled the amount of spinach).

For background click the above link, and here is a direct view of the video:

A note about green smoothies. Buy a Vita-Mix. We literally went through about 10 blenders in a short amount of time (all that eventually died through electrical smoking) and we finally dropped the money for a Vita-Mix. It is worth every penny.

7 thoughts on “Little Green Monsters

  1. I LOVE this video… but it’s fake.

    Just kidding. Penelope hit it perfectly: “Who lets their kids drink green smoothies on a white couch?” My little Henry (about the same age as the kid in the video) literally got his green smoothie on the ceiling the other day – oh yes, the walls, too 🙂 My kids devour their smoothies and drool while I’m chopping up the veggies and fruit. They even get angrily impatient which just shows me that I need to be worried about things they could get addicted to. I mean, who knew an 18month old would be jonesing for a smoothie?! HAHA!!


    • I love it – the ceiling and the walls! How did that happen? I wish my parents had fed me the superfood green smoothie – if only they knew. Congrats on the Vita-Mix. Let me know if you come up with some good concoctions!


      • I think it was Henry’s smoothie cup. It has an attached straw that he desperately tries to detach at times. I think he finally succeeded. You can imagine a tug-of-war where both teams are pulling with all their might, then one team lets go completely. I wish I was there to see it, actually. Thanks for the posts! You’re a great writer.


  2. OH! And we just bought our VitaMix about a month ago. Definitely worth every penny. We even got $150 off on a refurbished model through their website. So awesome.


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