Running Is My Sweat Therapy

Over the weekend I purchased a dress at Title Nine. The bag my purchase came home in had the following quote:

“Sometimes sweat is the best form of therapy.”

-Samantha Dunn

What a great quote. It is definitely my form of therapy. I love coming home from work, debriefing about my day with Chris, throwing on my running clothes, grabbing whatever book I am currently reading, and revving up the treadmill for a long run. It helps me decompress from my day, relax a bit, mentally jump into the book I am reading, and sweat it all out.

Often I can have a dilemma in my head, and while running I resolve the dilemma in my thought. Or I break down an idea into an actionable plan, and determine what steps to take to make that plan happen. I can be in the middle of my run and have to pause it to make notes because even though I will not even be thinking about the problem a solution will come to me in the midst of sweat dripping out my pores.

I have not always felt that way. I have only been running consistently for the last 5 years. Before that I did not really have an exercise regimen that I followed. Some might say that I am pretty hard-core now. But, I do not care. It is my therapy. It keeps me sane. It allows my mind to process, synthesize, and resolve questions in my thought.

Sweat = therapy.

Have a great holiday weekend, sweat and all!

3 thoughts on “Running Is My Sweat Therapy

  1. Agreed! I love that I get to ride to and from work 4 days a week. It’s a great way to relieve stress and give something besides work and family 100% of my focus. It’s kind of like cleaning the slate. It get’s me ‘reset’ before jumping into time with the kids.

    Thanks for the great post!


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