Six Degrees or Six Pixels of Separation?

I had checked out “Six Pixels of Separation: Everyone Is Connected. Connect Your Business to Everyone” by Mitch Joel at the library numerous times and had never opened the cover. I either had to return it because someone else was next on the list, or I had renewed it so many times I had to return it and re-check it out. Finally last week I read it. After getting into it, I realized I was reading it at the perfect time. Had I actually opened the cover before last week I am not sure I would have finished reading it. It is not that it is a boring book, more that the subject matter has a specific audience. The message has an impact to a project I am working on at the moment, and I probably would not have related to the message the author shares if I was not working on this project! It is always interesting to me the timing of things in our lives.

The premise of Joel’s book is that due to the Internet, we are no longer separated (think Kevin Bacon and six degrees of separation). He talks throughout the book about how to interact, engage, and ask questions online. He shares very helpful ideas. In the end I realized how we are all in differing degrees cyber stalkers. We view and watch online much more often than we participate. Such as this fact from Six Pixels:

“Only about 2 percent of all people online actually comment. The question really needs to be provocative enough to spark them to take action. Asking questions also keeps your content alive for a longer period of time.” Page 174

I think that is fascinating. Only 2 percent. So that means that the other 98% of online users are stalking content. What will it take to raise that 2% to 5%? Create more compelling content? Ask more questions? Create a forum for conversation?

I have my own reasons for not always commenting or participating. Sometimes it is time. I might quickly be checking into Facebook or Twitter to read updates, but do not have time to respond. Or I might not be interested in the topic or community and decide not to share my thoughts. Often, though if I have the time or energy, I will contribute, respond, like, share, etc. When I see a picture or an article, I comment if there is something I want to share. This means I am at times part of the 2% and at times part of the 98%.

Why do you choose to contribute online? Or what makes you stay in the 98%?

3 thoughts on “Six Degrees or Six Pixels of Separation?

  1. That’s very interesting. I have to admit, I never was one to comment before but since becoming part of the “blogosphere”, I have felt compelled to comment. Some posts and/or photos are just to great not to! People like to know that what they’re sharing is having an impact.


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