“Designed To Move” – Nike Does It Again

Hope you had a good weekend! It is hard to believe it is October 1, 2012. A quick housekeeping note: I have changed the look and feel of my blog. Let me know what you think!

A while back I applied for a job with the “Alliance for a Healthier Generation.” It is connected to the Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association and its purpose is to assist with childhood obesity. Much of the work they do is with kids and schools. While I did not get the job, I continue to watch what they do, and childhood obesity is still a subject that extremely interests me. We need to have more education and understanding about how what we eat and how we move affect our health. Both can be strong contributing factors to childhood obesity.

Which is why I was giddy when I heard about Nike’s “Designed to Move” campaign. For those of you familiar with The Girl Effect, you will know what I mean when I say their campaigns are just one word: badass. You should also check out this ESPN article for more details and background on Designed to Move. Be sure to sign up for email updates and share with others on Facebook. This is an initiative we all need to be behind.

This video, as well as a conversation I had while having dinner with my sister and her boyfriend over the weekend, reminds me of my own childhood sports experiences (or non experiences). I wanted to play basketball in middle school. The only shoes I had at the time were fake “Keds.” Due to regulations with playing on a basketball court, we had to have non-marking basketball shoes to play. However, we could not afford them. Back then, few people had credit cards to put items on when you could not afford your purchase. There was layaway. Which meant we had to wait a long time to actually receive our purchase. We also did not have a car at the time to take me to basketball practice. So I never got to play.

I do not want the same outcome for my children. I want them to play soccer if they want to play soccer. I want to be able to have whatever opportunities are available, if they are interested. I want them to move, be active and challenged, and eat healthy. Every child should have the opportunities available to them to play ball, eat healthy, and be educated on their choices!

4 thoughts on ““Designed To Move” – Nike Does It Again

  1. Feeling sorry about that little you in Middle School wanting to play bball — where were the family, friends, neighbors, local business people (your “village”) to step up and help? Sometimes kids don’t know how to ask for help and people don’t recognize what’s needed. You make me want to be more attuned to discerning the challenges and to giving a helping hand! Lots of good organizations out there, but it’s often personal connections that change lives.


    • I know bummer, huh? I think most were helping us take care of my mom. I think we did not ask for help, because we did not know who to ask. (My sister and I). I think there was enough concern around us being minors and taking care of my mom, and the possibility of being taken in custody of the state, that we stayed pretty quiet. I agree, personal connections change lives!


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