Live Cam: Service Puppies

Last week I wrote about Chris’ Great Dane, Belle. Siouxsioux commented on my blog post and shared this live cam indoor puppy room that is used for Great Dane service puppies. This is the outdoor area for these same puppies. It will suck you in. Check both links, as some of the puppies might be inside and some outside. On Sunday I kept the page open on my computer and would go back and check on it throughout the day. I love it most when they are inside curled up together. What is it about this live cam that makes me want to just sit and watch them interact and play together? Just as I wrote this post I toggled back between writing the post and checking the cam to see what they were up to.

I wonder if this live puppy cam should be installed in animal shelters so more folks looking for a pet will come and watch their potential future dog and how they interact with other dogs. I think shelters might find more potential dog owners showing up at their door, because they will become addicted watching them. While this puppy cam is in Ipswich, MA, it makes me want to go and bring one home right now. The Harlequin is going to be a bit Great Dane (just look at his head and feet compared to the other Great Danes).

Precious Danes 🙂

Are you hooked?

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