Sophia Grace and Rosie’s Comment on Ellen

Have you heard of Sophia Grace and Rosie? The eight- and six-year-old British music fans and mini singers frequented “The Ellen Degeneres Show” quite often last season. I loved watching them. They were always so excited, happy, and thrilled to chat and sing. They are also Nicki Minaj fanatics. Ellen has had them interview musicians on multiple award shows, and both girls know all the stars, as well as their songs. And, yes the always are dressed in tutu’s.

While catching up on personal emails, online reading, and Great Dane web cam watching over the weekend, I also caught up on Ellen. One of the episodes in her first week of the season had Sophia Grace and Rosie on. Simon Cowell and Britney Spears had been on earlier in the show promoting “The X Factor.” When Sophia Grace and Rosie came on, Ellen asks them if they watched Simon and Britney, and Sophia Grace (dark hair) says: “I met him backstage, but I do think he needs to put his trousers down a bit.” If you fast forward the video to :40 seconds, you’ll see the specific moment (click first image to watch).

Love those two girls. Wish I had as much excitement and thrill about the world, music, and pink when I was six and eight years old.




If you want to see them sing (and their hilarious banter with Ellen) watch the first time they were on Ellen’s show:

Have a great day!

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