The best medicine: Books

For those of you that might have followed my blog over the past year, I am very passionate about books, libraries, and making sure kids have access to books. Books have changed my life. So when I read the below email from a local library foundation :

Rx for a better life

Read early, read often.

For many of us, reading is a lot like breathing. It’s a critical life function that we do without even thinking. In the course of any given day, we ingest a vast quantity of written word – words that direct and instruct us, keep us safe, inspire, educate and entertain us. Opportunity hinges on our ability to read. Without it, we cannot explore the depth of our potential. The ease with which we read, and read well, is reflected in our quality of life.”

Wow. Well said. I believe reading was my therapy throughout childhood. When I was immersed in a book, the chaos and tough moments in my day went away. During the time I was reading, the rest of the world did not exist, only the world I was reading about mattered.

Tonight I am going to do research about Christmas book drives in my area. While it might not be top on a child’s list these days to receive a book for Christmas, if they do not have many, it is an important and precious gift that should be given.

Want to join me in donating the gift of reading this holiday season? Feel free to post in the comments section of any organizations worldwide that are accepting books so that other individuals can learn from what you know!

8 thoughts on “The best medicine: Books

  1. I whole-heartedly agree with this sentiment. Books are amazing things which can cause you to forget about anything else which is going on around you. And I know if you go to most bookstores (mainly Barnes and Noble) they will give you the option to donate a children’s book.


  2. amen, sister! raising two little readers is the most amazing thing. at least once a week, i find madelyn up way past her bedtime, reading by the light of her tiny fairy light. i can’t even get upset ’cause i’m too proud. we’re a bit past september, but every september, oregon DHS and local barnes and noble’s team up to collect books for children living in foster care. it’s super cool. when september is over, each branch has a huge book shelf full of books for all ages that we can shop for free for our kiddos. of course, anyone can donate a book to a child in foster care anytime they want — i’m happy to collect them and pass them on!


    • Aww. The memories I have of doing the same thing, and hoping I would not get caught. I would be proud too! I am going to check with some folks about collecting a bundle and will let you what I am able to do. So glad to know we can give to foster care anytime!


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