Authenticity brings inspiration

Emily has inspired me again.

There have been many days when I have not been inspired and had no clue what to write for my blog post. On other days I have published a post and felt timid about putting it out in the blogosphere. It might have felt half-baked to me, or that the topic would not interest anyone, or be inspiring to others. Many times those are the blogs where I will receive a note or comment that my blog post was just what that individual needed to hear that day, or that it brought up memories from their life and my post meant a lot to them.

That is what keeps me going. So when I read Emily’s blog, I was inspired by her honesty, bluntness, and authenticity. Emily shares that she has writers block, but then captures her present moment in such a raw and real way. It happens to so many of us, whether it be writing a blog post, finishing a painting, or coming up with that grand idea for a work campaign. Emily’s post reminds me that we need to be present in our stuck-ness. Stay open and see what comes out of it. You never know – you might find just the idea you need.

Whenever I am in that place where I am stuck, I change gears. It might mean that I go and do something else. I find that often I go for a run, organize, or clean. When I let go of the answer I need, and just focus on what I am doing in that moment, I often find just the answer I need. Sometimes it clears my writer’s block, or inspires me with new ideas. Sometimes it just gets me out of a murky thought pattern, and allows a different story in my mind. Rather than sitting in that stuck place, do something different. Like Emily did, be real with where your thoughts bring you. That is authenticity.

Emily I hope your creativity traveled back to you. I have a hunch that it has returned.

2 thoughts on “Authenticity brings inspiration

  1. Oh, you so are such an absolute sweetheart! Thank you so much for this. It is so inspiring to feel connected as each of us struggle with the same issues of creativity, confidence, and having faith in our work. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You made my day!


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