One made me laugh, one made me cry…

I only partially watched the Oscars. I was at a neighbors for the night and found that interacting, talking, and eating was much more fun than watching the Oscars. I was a bit bored by Seth MacFarlane too. Later in the evening, we found out the recording my neighbor had set up ended before the Oscars were over, so we actually missed the last three awards (and the ones I was actually curious to watch). So when I found out later that Jennifer Lawrence tripped on the stairs I wanted to learn more about it, see her dress, and of course find out what happened. What poise, charisma, and sassiness Jennifer brings to this world. She took a not fun situation, made the best of it, and even made it funny. That will do more for her brand then walking up the stairs in that big ass dress! If you have not seen it yet, watch her authentic and real response to reporters.

Now are you ready to cry? Not tears of sadness, tears streaming down your face because you cannot stop laughing. A friend shared this on Facebook. I watched it once and laughed so hard I cried. I had Chris watch it and I laughed again even harder. Sometimes we just need to see the wonder that comes so natural to folks when shit happens. You know, because sometimes shit just happens.

One thought on “One made me laugh, one made me cry…

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