Plain cheeseburger circa 1986

I spent the weekend with my sister in California (more on that in a future post). On the way to the airport we stopped by an In-N-Out burger. Yum! While sitting outside waiting for our food, she reminded me off my pickiness as an eater when I was a kid. Every once in a while my grandma would let us pick a fast food place to eat. Back then getting fast food was a big deal and even quite a treat. I, however, found mustard, onions, and pickles disgusting (I still kind of feel that way). I guess I held my ground even at a young age when I wanted something a certain way, because I always wanted a plain cheeseburger.

We would rotate deciding which fast food joint we would stop at, mostly it would be Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, or a local Drive-In called: Burkie’s. (They used to have amazing/real vanilla coke). The funny part about ordering a plain cheeseburger at McDonald’s is that if you asked for a sandwich that was outside the norm (aka a plain version) they would have to make it from scratch. What they would do is give you a plastic cone-esque device with a number on it would go on the hood of your car on the driver’s side. You would then drive out of the drive through into a parking spot and wait for them to bring your meal out to you.

As we were reminiscing about this time in our life, my sister mentioned that I my pickiness was actually rewarded because it meant I actually got the freshest made sandwich. I had never thought of it that way. I am not posting a picture of our In-N-Out meal, because…we’ll there is not one. The second our burgers and fries arrived we were wolfing them down. Then, and only then, did I think about taking a picture.

In-N-Out burger we hope to see you soon.

2 thoughts on “Plain cheeseburger circa 1986

  1. I used to work in a McDonald’s circa 1983 and that was very true. What was funny though, was that some people would order something special and then become angry when they watched other customers getting their food first. It was kind of funny that they didn’t understand that a custom order took longer. Those were the days.


    • Too funny. I do remember waiting at times in the parked spot, eating my french fries, and when they brought it out to me it was not plain. Always a bummer to bite into a cheeseburger, to taste the mustard, pickles, onions after waiting for the plain version. So not a perfect process, but fascinating nonetheless!


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