Appreciating my better half

I have not written about him directly in a few months, probably not since our anniversary, but I am inspired to tout my husband. His birthday is coming up, and it makes me stop and think about all the years we have been together, all that we have become, and all that we have accomplished. It makes me giddy thinking about it, but isn’t that the way it should be?

  1. In many ways we are very similar, and yet we are so, so different. He is the calm to my fire, the balance to my scale, the voice of reason, the one you listen to when he speaks because he is not talking all the time.
  2. Midnight snacks in no particular order: cereal or ice cream, or cereal and ice cream.
  3. I lucked out that we have similar aesthetic tastes from wood floors, furniture, to the most important: artwork.
  4. We both waver between being introverts and extroverts. Regardless, I love that we can have a badass time whether snuggling on our couch multi-tasking with our laptops and the DVR, or out for dinner with friends. It does not really matter what we are doing when we are together.
  5. I found a boy who loves it most when I leave the house so he can clean (note: he really just likes to clean uninterrupted, he is not that passionate about vacuuming). We both agree that a clean and organized house leads to a balanced mind. When we feel at home in our home, we are truly able to relax. It is nice that those tendencies are common in both of us, and not something we struggle or have to agonize over.
  6. I know that when we sleep in on the weekends, I will always have to get up first, he will always want to stay in bed, and the only way we will ever start our day is for me to sneak out of bed first.
  7. He likes bourbon, chocolate, and cheese, oh and did I say bourbon?
  8. He knows when I am at that tipping point between tired and exhausted, hungry and famished, and how to keep me from going to the other side.
  9. Lastly, the boy has mad taste in women. I mean he picked me right?

Happy Birfday, Christopher.

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