Ever wanted to jump into a bin of balls?

I have alway had this childlike zest for kid things. Maybe it was because I had to grow up fast, but I love skeeball, bowling, batting cages, whack a mole, bumper cars, roller coasters. I love them all. There are times where I can just stop in the middle of the day and just want to go and play, kick ass in a batting cage until my hands hurt from gripping the bat. Call me crazy.

I just want to add to the list. I have always wanted to jump into a bin of balls. Since I am a simple Indiana girl, and the only place I can ever remember that had a bin of balls was McDonalds, and well for one reason or another I never partook in such adventures of bins and balls. So when I saw this video, I had a grin on my face and a feeling of zeal, or maybe it was a twinge of jealousy.

I would have no problem jumping into the bin of balls, and I think I might have a mighty time connecting with another individual in said bin of balls. It is funny and endearing. I laughed at 1:45 (because the teeth comment is odd and made me laugh.) I had tears when the mom said: “My daughter is everything I ever wanted to be.” It made me wonder what it would be like to have a mom think and say that. I want to know what it feels like. I think you will enjoy this video.

The world is amazing when we open our eyes, reach out to others and take adventure into our world. Let me know if you know of a bin of balls in Portland!

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