A precious love story

A friend recently told me about a book to read, by Gene Wilder (think The Producers, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory). I was curious just by the mere fact that Gene Wilder wrote a book (although it is his fourth), and a love story at that. It takes place during World War II, and usually that would not be my genre of book to read. I am not normally into love stories and I am not usually into war piece books, but I decided to hold it at the library. What did I have to lose?

Something to Remember You By” by Gene Wilder was a quick read (at 164 pages), but so very precious. The story line moves fast and you do not want to put it down. I could definitely see it made into a movie. I do not want to give you too many details about the story line, but rather I encourage you to pick it up, curl up on the couch and in a few short hours, you’ll have a satisfied smile on your face.

Why you may ask? It makes me think about life in simpler times. Think before smart phones, and apps, and all the crazy lives we live. Oh, you have lost that memory? I am not so old that technology is hard for me to adapt to, part of my schooling was technology free and part of it was full of technology and the Internet. I am, however, old enough to know what life was like before we were fully consumed by our gadget filled lives. What do I mean, and where is this going? I can remember a time when you would go to a restaurant with the love of your life, and not care what was happening on Facebook, or the news, or in your inbox, and you just sat and enjoyed the precious one sitting across from you.

Even though I was not even a speck of an idea during World War II, “Something to Remember You By” reminds me of a time before our gadget addiction when you would sit down in a restaurant and enjoy each and every moment of that meal. I want that. I want my brain to shut down, and my fingers to stop typing, and my every gadget to stop buzzing. I want more meals in restaurants that allow me to turn it all off focus on my precious one. Do you struggle with turning it all off? If so, start with reading this short novel, sit back and ponder what you can do to unplug and enjoy your loved ones World War II style.

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