Gratitude for the little things

After a long weekend, curled up on the couch dealing with the throat, nose, and head, I am finally starting to feel better. Feeling rotten for so many days (and not getting to run in over a week) makes me grateful for the normalcy of everyday life. Is it not true that we are more grateful for what we have when we have a period of time away from the goodness of life? Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Usually that line goes hand in hand with someone you love. When they are away from you, you miss them. These last few excruciating days have made me miss my normal life (as crazy as it normally is). There is something to be said for that hour a day I get to myself to run and read. It grounds me. Not feeling 100% means I do not want to exert the extra energy for a run, especially if it means that energy is needed to just get through my day.

Today I am grateful that I am feeling better and for the little bits of normal each day that keep me grounded. Even if normal means a run a day, closeness with my hubby (we’ve stayed away from each other so he would not get this yucky gunk), and just the energy and drive that a normal day brings.

What are you grateful for today?

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