Badass self, no apologies

I love when people are wholeheartedly themselves. They say what is on their mind, and sometimes do not have a filter. I very much say what is on my mind, and while I do know when to have a filter in most situations, I am still blunt and say what I think. Last September I wrote a blog about being “Unapologetically herself.” It is my modus operandi. Why should we be anything other than who we are? Why should we hide our true selves?

Last week I wrote about the book: “Mile Markers.” After traveling and a full week, I can tell you I am now two-thirds done with this book, and have a zillion dog-eared pages. An idea jumped off the page at me when I was reading last night. It is from writer-comedian Katie Goodman that the author has framed on her desk:

“There will invariably be people who do not accept you. And in that case you must be your own badass self, without apology.”

I think I want to steal the idea and add it to the other thoughts and inspirations that sit above my desk. I am less worried about whether individuals will accept me and more interested in making sure I am being me. Life is short, YOLO (you only live once), so why should we not live each day as our badass selves? How and when did we start to apologize for ourselves? I try to think back to when I started apologizing for myself, and it is a blur. My dad raised us that children should be seen and not heard. Why, oh why dad was that important to you? It makes me want to bring together all my friends that have just had babies and say, please, oh please raise your children each day knowing their worth, and encourage them to live their lives to the fullest as their individual badass self.

Forget the nay sayers, the poo poo-ers, and those that discourage you in life. Let go of those that shut or knock you down, belittle you, or potentially throw you under the bus (as the saying goes). Lead your own life, if you do you will be strong and unflappable. I am not going to apologize for glorious me, and you should not either.

No apologies.

3 thoughts on “Badass self, no apologies

  1. holy pandora batman. where to start, where to start, where to start. here’s my olio.

    1) people who cannot accept those who are one with them-self are NOT one with themselves and in that lie, they project their discomfort to all those around them especially those they envy. To quote “The Family Stone” “You have a freak flag. You just don’t fly it.” Unfortunately, civilization is about yielding individuality for the advancement of the commune. Laws by definition force individuality to abide by communal law.

    2) Why were our parents so anti-individual? In the US, early settlements had extraordinary differences (Dutch vs. Anglo/Puritan vs. German vs. Nordics vs. Iberian) in their accepted individuality but as the English took the colonies, we converged towards a Northern Anglo and a Southern Anglo. Post Civil War, we converged on Northern Anglo. This convergence resulted in the Silent Generation and the early Baby Boomers being the epitome of social order, social place, social conformity that pivoted in the late 60’s / early 70’s with the “of-age” Boomers that questioned then dismantled it all but never took responsibility to redefine a new order under the auspices of Commune/Kumbaya (Comm/Kumb – overwhelmed transformed into laziness since the model could never work).

    3) Reflections of this Comm/Kumb is seen in today’s society and government where competition is rejected, participation is rewarded, where the winners must subsidize the losers, where we should do what’s best for all “man” not what’s best for you “man.”

    4) We can now see yet another pivot that happened in the late 80’s / early 90’s where the of-age Gen X’ers challenged this Comm/Kumb attitude where the individual became central to us. I am not referring to “Greed is Good” but to Howard Stern, Beevis and Butthead, Bart Simpson, to Rush, Rap and Punk Rock. I believe that Gen X will be remembered for its transition back to Social Darwinism once the Boomers’ number of votes pass away below its commanding 10% over us which will happen sooner than later given that (I believe) its generational curve must be more like a “Z” curve (weighted to the left) versus a standard distribution curve meaning that a larger proportion of their generation were born early versus later. Once Gen X takes command, i will be very interested in seeing how we will look at the Boomers when they demand we take care of them!!! 🙂 Mwoohhahahahahahahahaha.

    5) Lastly, to now refer to Gladiator, it’s the mob that rules. The masses will always have greater power than the intelligencia. But the mob needs the minds but the mob is fickle and will yield power to the intelligencia ONLY WHEN THEY NEED THEM (like a ship’s crew needs a captain when at sea). Once that needs is gone, so are the intelligencia.


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