Ads and Blogger Awards

So I just learned that you might be seeing ads on my blog. (From what I can tell it happens when you click into the complete blog post.) In further researching, I found that I can remove it by paying WordPress a yearly fee, but I decided — forget that. Instead, I am going to self-host my blog and in turn have the ability to have many other options, widgets, and resources. Instead of just self-hosting my blog I have decided to also change the look and feel of Random Olio and get rid of those annoying ads.

Thanks to WordPress the ads just started appearing. No notification, I just found these details about these ads on their website. So far I have seen a few YouTube video ads and I have been told there has also been a pest control video too. Thank you for your patience and for ignoring these annoying ads until I can finish the upgrade to my site!

On a different note, I was nominated for the Lovely Blogger award, by: World on a Platter and for a 2nd time the Versatile Blogger award, this time by: The Usual Bliss. Thank you both for the nominations! I thought I would handle the response here in a combined post. So 5 more things about me (sorry I am breaking the rules, I am supposed to have 7 things, but I am trying to keep it short).

  • I do not cook. I do not really know how. After 5 summers of 4-H baking I would call myself a baker.
  • I am direct and sometimes have no sensor whatsoever.
  • I will stand up for those I love, so do mess with those dear to me.
  • I love babies. I do not have one of my own yet, but am addicted to precious little babies.
  • I am a sucker for anything with salt on it. Sorry sugar, you play 2nd fiddle.

I already nominated folks in this post, but will add a few more for the Lovely Blogger Award:


not without salt (such a clever name)

Paper Morning

Design Crush 

Side of the Road Sessions (mentioned in older post, but the site is newly redesigned and launched!)








Thank you again for the nominations!

8 thoughts on “Ads and Blogger Awards

  1. Whoa, ads? I completely missed that. Where do they appear, at the bottom of the page, or between posts? I usually only look at my Dashboard, so I have no idea where they might be. I’m planning to move to a self-hosted WordPress blog. Let’s see how that works out. Good luck with your move! I’ll be interested to hear what your experience will be like


    • Anjig, they are at the bottom, but only when you click in to the blog (like to comment) and you CANNOT be logged into your WP account. If you are logged into your WP account you will not see the ads.


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