The Art of Spray Paint

I am a fan of interesting graffiti. I know it is bad. Deep down I hate that individuals are tagging public or private property, but there is also an art to it that I truly love. I find that whenever we travel, my eye is led to the urban art and graffiti of the area. I usually snap a photo. But before I show you those, I must put the talented artist first. This spray painted face is amazing. I found it on David Kanigan’s blog. My favorite is the first one, which I have included here:

The detail and shading are incredible. Who knew what was possible with spray paint. If you want to view more of the artist’s work, you can go to David Walker’s website. This is the type of art I would like to see on a side of a building rather than it just being tagged.

I thought I would also share a few other photos I took in various cities. Scroll down and enjoy!

graffiti in Amsterdam

graffiti in Ventura, CA

graffiti in Portland