Nostalgia: Garbage Pail Kids

I was a child in the 1980’s. One of the things I enjoyed (I think with lots of other kids of that era) were Garbage Pail Kids. I had not thought of them in ages until I came across them on this website. You can order an iPhone case in the Garbage Pail Kid of your choice. I hear the cards are also making a comeback.

I remember my grandma saying: “Seriously, Tami those cards are raunchy. Why would you spend your money on such filth?” (said with a flair of disdain for the choices I made). I always laughed. She did not get it. Although, I do not think I ever was truly enamored with these cards, I think it was just the rage at the time. You purchased them, collected them, traded them, and eventually lost interest. I have to admit, looking at them now many years later, they are creative, but yes raunchy and a bit pointless. If you think about it, a kid collects a baseball card, because of the talent, batting average, and amazing career of a specific athlete (for the most part). What amazing intrigue is there with a Garbage Pail Kid?

It even looks like folks are paying quite a lot for these ‘raunchy’ cards. Ebay lists 22,919 results when you search: Garbage Pail Kids. Shocking. Well I got a few chuckles out of myself as I scrolled through to remind myself of the different cards. Although I could not for the life of me remember any of them. I am surprised that kids today would find them remotely interesting. They have so many other toys and games to interest them and keep them constantly plugged into technology. Is it just the gross factor?

Ah well, I am done contemplating the future of Leaky Lindsay and Drippy Dan.

Happy weekend to all!