Goodnight iPad

I am a fan of children’s books. Maybe it was all of the years I took care of children, babysitting, working at a day care, and as a camp counselor. One of my favorite books is: Goodnight Moon. It is simple, children memorize it quickly, and it introduces bedtime. Ah the perfect pre-bed book, right?

So when I came across the iPad version of Goodnight Moon, a huge smile came over my face. No, I do not mean that it is the original version of Goodnight Moon for the iPad, it is a new version called: Goodnight iPad. I am not at all for product placement, or getting kids hooked on specific products, but the reality of it is that kids are getting hooked on technology devices earlier and earlier. Many know how to work apps on their parents iPhones and iPads before their parents understand how to truly use them. At 5 and 6 they can go onto the Redbox app and reserve a movie, while their parents drive to pick it up.

Since kids are so savvy these days, it does make sense that there would be a book that for the most part encapsulates what is in their surroundings. Instead of: “Goodnight brush” and “Goodnight mush” they most likely have a closer affinity to saying: “Goodnight iPhone” and “Goodnight iPad.” Their technology exposure is sad to an extent, yet we are not setting such great examples for them. See past blog post about never going to the bathroom without your iPhone.

Goodnight Moon - in Israel

So check out: “Goodnight iPad” I think even those of you who do not have little ones at home will enjoy it.

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