Women are Kickass: International Women’s Day

I have been on a women kick lately. Heck, when am I not on a women kick? Today is International Women’s Day. I have been writing about a few women’s issues in the news that have bothered and angered me. Today, however, is about cherishing and embracing women. In honor of women all over the world, I ask you (both men and women): What woman has most inspired and empowered you?

Is there a woman that has taught you to speak up and confidently use your voice? Has she taught you to value yourself, care about others, give back to your community? Is she your mother, grandmother, lover, friend, teacher? How has she been your role model? Today I want to think about and cherish those that have helped me to play, be creative, frolic, get my hands dirty, while also encouraging me to be direct, strong, and principled and to live confidently and boldly.

Do something amazing today in honor of the bravery and equality of women. Be grateful for all the women that have come before us, risked their lives, and taken a stand for what they believe in.

in front of house in Southeast Portland

Thank you to all the women that have come before me that allow me the freedoms I have today.

5 thoughts on “Women are Kickass: International Women’s Day

  1. What a great question — and yes, now that I think about it, that strong woman in my life was/is my mother. Growing up, my sister, brother and I assumed that all mothers were the same — didn’t they all do their morning meditation, exercise, dress and fix breakfast before anyone else woke up?
    Putting herself through college during the depression, then later supporting her own parents, her lifework was about volunteering in the community and helping family and friends young and old. We all thought that she could have run General Motors — if women had been allowed to to do such things in those days. One of my favorite Mom Quotes: “It’s good enough to be true.”
    Let’s celebrate women every day!


  2. Your question caused me to discover something about myself and my novel. I guess I knew it already, but never put it to words. I didn’t have a strong female role-model in my life growing up. My mom was loving and set a good example, but “strong role-model?” Not really. Perhaps that is why my novel has a strong female character who is central to the story. Interesting . . .


    • Wow, Robin that is fascinating. I think my strongest ‘woman’ role model was in college. I would love to hear more about how your book is coming along!


      • Well the book is finished and a handful or people are reading it, but they had to promise to give me honest feedback. Since they all know me, I’m not sure how honest their feedback will be! Thanks for asking . . .


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