Zoomed In = Greater Intimacy

Yesterday I woke up after a strange dream and had many thoughts instantly come into my head that had nothing to do with my dream. What a strange way to wake up on a Sunday morning. The following is what came into my thought. Good thing I have a pen and pad of paper next to my bed…

There never seems to be enough time in the day to accomplish all that needs to get done. There are usually too many lenses to look through, and too many things to focus on. Often we are juggling too many things and it means we cannot focus well on any of them. The same goes for people in our lives. I am a fan of having fewer close friends, than many non-close acquaintances. The more individuals we have to devote our attention to, the less depth we can give to others.

It is like being at a large party or a big wedding. How many times have you been to a wedding, and never really had the opportunity to connect with the bride or groom? Was it because of the large volume of people the bride/groom have to attend to on their wedding day? Did you feel more like just another body attending the event? Many times at large events, the more individuals that are involved, the less intimacy and connection happens.

Depth is lost by more numbers.

Just like when you take a photo of a large group of people, you cannot zoom closer in with the lens to include everyone, you have to go further away. I crave smaller, closer connections. I would rather zoom in than out, and allow for greater connection and intimacy.

Thoughts on my random morning wake up brain dump?

2 thoughts on “Zoomed In = Greater Intimacy

  1. Good for you for waking up with deep thoughts … and thanks for sharing freely in a large way! I agree — a deep conversation with a few good friends lasts in my memory where a huge party or wedding slips into the “remembered event” category. Where there’s already a deep level of trust with a friend, memorable connections some naturally and more often. For me, the challenge is being “in the moment” when there are lots of people and activities going on. Nice zoom on that Nikon!


    • I totally agree about the challenge of being “in the moment” – especially when you know many of the folks that are around. It means things can easily get side-tracked! All we can do is listen for what to do at each moment in those situations!


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