Belle, George, and Zeus

BC. Before Chris.

Great Danes were not part of my life, BC. Growing up we had black Labradors and German Shepherds. Never a dog the size of a horse. Belle was Chris’ dog when I met him. A beautiful black Great Dane, so gentle and sweet. Well, except around me. Somehow I think Belle knew that I was taking more of Chris’ time away from her. She was an angel when Chris was around, but if it was just me, she would get into things, make messes, and be ornery.

In any case, Belle made me appreciate Great Danes, and she made Chris completely addicted. We will walk down the street and see a Harlequin or Brindle Great Dane, and he will talk like I would if a little baby was walking by…(oohhs and aaawws, and a sad face). We have known about Giant George, who was the tallest dog in the world (until recently). He was on Oprah, has a website, sleeps on a queen size bed, and consumes 110 pounds of food a month. You can read more about Giant George at the above link, and be sure to click on the Photo link on George’s website!

Recently, George was pushed out of first place by Zeus. The newest dog to be the tallest in the world. Zeus beat George by one inch. Zeus is 44 inches tall, weighs 150 pounds, and stands at 7 feet 4 inches tall. Crazy! I was not able to find a website for Zeus, but maybe soon.

Note: F or those on their way to get a Great Dane – both George and Zeus drink directly out of the kitchen faucet.


We miss you Belle.

3 thoughts on “Belle, George, and Zeus

    • Oh man that is adorable. I couldn’t stop watching. I kept watching then I’d write an email, then I would go back and watch them again. Thank you SO much for sharing!


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