Rush of adrenaline…

What gets your adrenaline going? Do you feel it after a long run? A presentation in front of many people in your company, or just a few peers in your department? Do you feel exhilarated after climbing, camping, or hiking? Or after salsa dancing? Do you feel it when you finally fit into your bathing suit or jeans? Or, is it after completing a painting or making a new business sale or partnership?

For me, it’s how I feel after a good long run, when I feel that a painting is complete and I hang it on the wall, sometimes it is a new experience with someone I’ve never met before and I feel a bit nervous. Other times it’s when I am direct with someone and am not always sure how they will respond. I have other encounters and experiences, but that is just a start.

When we let our juices flow, and our adrenaline is up, we feel alive. Sometimes it is a day full of meetings, with then a night of connecting with friends you have not seen. When you finally crawl into bed for sleep your mind is going a mile a minute of all the notes you did not have time to make at work, or the conversations you had with your friends. Your mind will not shut down and so sleep is fleeting.

What gets your adrenaline going?

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