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My new favorite app: Thank you to a colleague that share this app with me! Yes, I am a dork and love the app that keeps me organized. At the moment I have two apps that keep me organized. The one I have had longer is Wunderlist. I use it for those long-term lists. For example: I keep a list of restaurants we want to venture to at some point. When I learn of a new one, or receive a recommendation for one, I add it to my Wunderlist Restaurant list. I have another list for movies I want to see, and television shoes I want to catch up on.

For the day-to-day items I use to keep me on track. Here are a few reasons why I love

  • I can schedule reminders to pop-up on my phone and remind me that I need to complete the task.
  • syncs with my iPhone calendar. If I turn the phone into landscape mode, I can see my tasks connected with my calendar.
  • I can make a note to call someone with and then when it is time to make my call, I can call right within
  • If I would like to add something to my to-do list in, I can speak my to-do item via the “audio” function on their to-do list.
  • At 10 a.m. each morning I get a notification on my iPhone that it is time to plan my day. A nice reminder to think about what needs to be done.
  • I can move to-do items to a later day just by dragging the item.
  • Chris and I can share an account, so I can add items to the list specific for Chris when he opens the app on his iPhone (and vice versa for me).
  • There is an extension for Chrome, so you can use it on your computer and iPhone (I have yet to use the Chrome functionality yet).

Both and Wunderlist keep me organized in different ways. What iPhone apps do you use to keep you organized? #keepmeposted 

6 thoughts on “ is it for you?

  1. As “the colleague” I am so happy to hear you like – I have focused on the Zero inbox management technique and find that integrates nicely with that so well that I decided to stop using the mailbox app. I also strongly recommend the Chrome extension.



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