The Post-It Queen

I sometimes get teased at work for my excessive use of Post-Its. I have even been told that based on my actual job I should be more savvy using apps and other electronic means of managing my day. I cannot. I am a failure. I am deep down an old school soul. Post-its remind me of the quick, need-to-do-right now tasks. The notebook I take with me to all my meetings serves as a tracking of history. I can go back in time and remember items from meetings, I can track to-dos from those meetings. Usually ones that are not urgent go in my notebook, and Post-Its track URGENT tasks.

We all have our own ways to keep our life in order. I am a mixture of old and new. Chris and I track our grocery list, restaurant interests, and movies via an app on our iPhones, yet I still have paper notes for long-term, ongoing to-dos and future planning. Which way works? If there was an app out there that did exactly what I wanted, without crashing, and had no syncing issues I would probably divert all efforts digitally. However, that never happens for me.

Just this past Sunday I was on my way to the grocery, and just before I leave we realize my phone will not sync with our app, so I was not be able to view all the groceries on the list. Instead, Chris sent me an email with our list. If I cannot trust an app 100% I might as well resort to old school methods — pen and paper. Post-Its are my colorful, insistent reminders that something has to be done. If that Post-It is kept in an app on my iPhone I can easily ignore it. I have to remember to open that app to be reminded.

What is the method to your madness? Do you have a process that keeps your organized? Are you all electronic? All paper? Or a little of both?

random olio 2013

I know most blogs probably look back at their year, so I am just another cliché. Yet I have to do it. I need to take a moment to ponder all that poured forth out of my mouth and my fingertips. It was fun to look back on some of my favorite posts of the year. A few of my favorites were of course about my better half, who inspires me, keeps me afloat, and well probably the most important, keeps the cranky me away because he feeds me. Other posts were about finishing my first 1/2 marathon, food, farts, and you know those days when your pants are on backwards. These were my top ten favorite posts of 2013 (in no particular order), okay so I could not stop at ten so you get a top thirteen:

  1. My marriage secret 51/49
  2. Get your shit together
  3. An example of: Grace, Patience, and Calm
  4. The Proof is in the Pudding
  5. My first half marathon
  6. I hope she is proud
  7. The special person I get to annoy
  8. Farting on an airplane
  9. Know my thoughts not my bra size
  10. Mmm Crispy
  11. She remembered
  12. My pants were on backwards
  13. Appreciating my better half

Since life is not always about what is MY favorite. I thought I would also share the most read 2013 posts:

  1. My new weakness: Sourdough English Muffins
  2. is it for you?
  3. When I Shaved My Head
  4. Modern design + hive office
  5. How you made them feel

I hope you enjoyed my random mumblings, musings, and words this year. It has been an adventure of books, food, introspection, growth, and gratitude. Here is to many more blog posts in 2014!! is it for you?

My new favorite app: Thank you to a colleague that share this app with me! Yes, I am a dork and love the app that keeps me organized. At the moment I have two apps that keep me organized. The one I have had longer is Wunderlist. I use it for those long-term lists. For example: I keep a list of restaurants we want to venture to at some point. When I learn of a new one, or receive a recommendation for one, I add it to my Wunderlist Restaurant list. I have another list for movies I want to see, and television shoes I want to catch up on.

For the day-to-day items I use to keep me on track. Here are a few reasons why I love

  • I can schedule reminders to pop-up on my phone and remind me that I need to complete the task.
  • syncs with my iPhone calendar. If I turn the phone into landscape mode, I can see my tasks connected with my calendar.
  • I can make a note to call someone with and then when it is time to make my call, I can call right within
  • If I would like to add something to my to-do list in, I can speak my to-do item via the “audio” function on their to-do list.
  • At 10 a.m. each morning I get a notification on my iPhone that it is time to plan my day. A nice reminder to think about what needs to be done.
  • I can move to-do items to a later day just by dragging the item.
  • Chris and I can share an account, so I can add items to the list specific for Chris when he opens the app on his iPhone (and vice versa for me).
  • There is an extension for Chrome, so you can use it on your computer and iPhone (I have yet to use the Chrome functionality yet).

Both and Wunderlist keep me organized in different ways. What iPhone apps do you use to keep you organized? #keepmeposted