Excellence is a habit

Have you ever thought about how you bring you, yes YOU, to each moment of your day? Each moment is an opportunity to shine, to be honest, to speak up. So often I think that we glide through our day, waiting for it to end so we can commute home, hang on the couch, and then start the entire process over again the next day.

What if it were different? What if you could truly see and know that each moment of your day was leading and building up to a  much bigger and better life? It is. Remember when you spoke up in that meeting the other day, or you confronted a co-worker, or you gave that presentation without fear? Now that you have done that, you can take the next step and the one after that. Eventually you will give that presentation without sweat in your armpits, and you will not hesitate for a second to speak up to your co-worker or in that meeting.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” Will Durant

I love this quote I found the other day. Excellence happens in moments that build upon moments. We do not just wake up one day and decide: “I am going to kick ass today. I am going to win and wow folks.” No, we kick ass moment by moment. Just as it becomes a habit for a runner to lace on their shoes each morning, or the chef to walk into their kitchen and pull out pans and ingredients.

Build on each passionate moment and create excellence.

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