Enjoy what is.

Have you ever thought about how things often have to change in one person’s life before they can change in another’s? Think of a romantic relationship. One individual might be ready to find that perfect someone, but the person they might end up with could be working through a past relationship and is not ready to open up. I think of who I was and where I was at in my life in college. I would not have been the person I was when Chris met me. We would not have worked. Yet, at a later time in our life it was the right time, and it did work out.

The same is true for a job. There might be a specific company that you have always wanted to work for, but never got that job, then one day you do. As you look back at the different managers and leadership, you see that you probably would not have fit in years earlier, yet you do now. Of course you can now see that all in hindsight. Yet that information can help to direct us today. We are each where we are meant to be when we listen to our inner voice, and take the steps that come to us. Our inner voice. We all have a voice that we make the choice to listen to, or not. Often when we do not listen to that voice, we later do things that we regret. Ring a bell?

There is a right time, and a right place for everything. Maybe we will never end up working for that one company, or end up with that individual that we have always been interested in, but if we can know that right now, in this very moment we are where we are meant to be, we can stop wasting time wondering what our life will be like. Enjoy the now. Enjoy what is.

2 thoughts on “Enjoy what is.

  1. This brought me a lot of comfort.. I am currently dating again after a serious break up over a year ago. And as fast as he makes my heart beat, I know the timing may be off (your example in this post about relationships is quite similar to ours situation!) anyway, I’ll stop blabbing, but thanks for writing this it’s a great post.


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