What kind of coffee would you be?

Me? I am all black coffee. Unless of course we are on a road trip and the only coffee around is nasty gas station coffee, and if all I want, yes, all I want at that very moment is nasty gas station coffee, then I will take that watered down dirty coffee and add as much sugar and fake cream to disguise the bitter taste any day. Usually I just decline the bad coffee and go for a water.

Bad coffee aside. If we talk good coffee, local coffee, then it better be black. I want to taste it for all its richness, all its realness, I want to taste that coffee.

If I were coffee, I would be black, raw to the core of the bean, just me. No cream or sugar to coat the edges of that strong hit of goodness, just true to itself, real, and direct. Yes, there might be times when I add a little sugar to things, to smooth things out, but if you want the real me, go get that cup of joe… black as can be. It might come out bitter, it might come out strong, but it is me. I wasn’t always that way. I used to add lots of cream and lots of sugar, more of the latte variety, and over time I have migrated to the no additive version. Of course, I am still finicky, it has to be good coffee for me to drink it black.

If you were a cup of coffee, would you be a latte, a cappuccino, a mocha? Would you add mostly cream, or mostly sugar?

2 thoughts on “What kind of coffee would you be?

  1. Kona coffee. Sugar and cream, but minimal amounts. I, too, enjoy tasting the actual coffee and not all the other fluff that goes into it 🙂 And I shuddered when I thought about that nasty gas station coffee. Only because I have been there and experienced the “joy” 😉


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