A clever dad…

I can assure you that I never once remember my father brushing, blow drying, or helping with my hair. I have many memories of my mom doing different things with my sister’s and my hair. We would braid it and then sleep and have semi-wavy hair the next morning. We used soft rollers we would also sleep on and wake up with soft curly hair. One time I remember my mom got my sister’s hair stuck in the comb-like curling iron, and she had to cut it out of my sister’s hair. I remember being completely shocked and never her wanted her to touch my hair with that thing. Other than those memories, I mostly had short and rather funky hair during most of my elementary through high school years.

Hair was never something I was fond of. It required work, frequent haircuts, time to style, and the weather could change all that work in seconds. So when I saw this video recently, I was in amazed for a few reasons. 1. This precious girl’s father is doing her hair. 2. Use of a vacuum was new to me. 3. The girl is not fazed by it at all. 4. The end result was rather surprising.