White chocolate vs. dark/milk chocolate

Sometimes we take things for granted. You think something is part of something else and then when you really dig in you find out that is not the case. What did I take for granted?


Yes, it is true. In a conversation with someone recently the topic came up about the difference between milk/dark chocolate and white chocolate. I had never thought about it. They all have the name of chocolate, but are they really all chocolate? The person I was talking with said no. White chocolate is not at all like milk or dark chocolate.

Regardless of the truth, I can see there being different chocolate camps. I ebb and flow with my allegiance. I go through phases where all I want is white chocolate (especially around Christmas, as there is something yummy about candy canes with white chocolate). At other times, I am a dark chocolate fan, and for some reason feel like the higher cacao factor makes it healthier for me (maybe true)? In last place would be milk chocolate, unless you are talking about the chips in my chocolate chip cookies.

So what is the truth? From what I have researched, white chocolate has cocoa butter in it, where as milk and dark chocolate is made from cocoa plant. An excerpt from Diffen (a website that compares things) states:

“Dark chocolate and white chocolate both contain cocoa butter and are eaten as dessert or used in confectionery. Chocolate is derived from the bean of the cocao (cocoa) plant which breaks down in to chocolate liquor (the ground or melted state of the nib of the bean), cocoa butter (the fat component) and cocoa powder (the non-fat part of the cocoa bean ground into a powder). Dark chocolate is produced by adding cocoa butter to sugar and cocoa powder. Unlike milk chocolate, dark chocolate does not contain any milk solids. White chocolate contains only cocoa butter, sugar and milk solids and no chocolate liquor or cocoa powder. So technically, white chocolate is not really chocolate at all.”

Did you learn something new or am I just slow to the game on chocolate?

Human Foosball

This video gave me the best laugh. Most of the time I feel completely uncoordinated. Sure I am a runner, and I read while I run 6-8 miles on the treadmill each day, but to me that takes little to no coordination. I love board games, and again that takes more brain power than it does coordination. Soccer, team sports, even biking on a trail require coordination. I lack coordination. Good thing I am not a dancer.

I am a multi-tasker though. I love strategy, and I love to strategize and multi-task.

Foosball. A sport that requires strategy and multi-tasking, Yet, foosball is a multi-tasking sport that I fail at. For some reason my brain slows down, I am not able to spin 3-4 different pulls in order to bring the ball down the court. Any goals I win, or blocks I make always feel like luck. I have no strategy, no game, I feel completely off playing a game of foosball.

Thus… HUMAN FOOSBALL. I want to try it. I think this would rock my world to be able to participate in the entire body experience. Watch and be wowed.


Do you want to join me?

Friends, Cribbage, and a Phone #?

Last week, I met a friend at a local bar to hang out and play Cribbage. Yes, you heard me right, Cribbage. Do you know the game? My father taught me when I was in elementary school. I wanted to learn so that I could play with him. Knowing how to play his favorite games meant that was more time I could spend with him, which as I remember was not too often. There are a few activities you could do 1:1 with him. Circle word puzzles and cribbage were top on his list. Over the years I would play here and there and after a long stint of not playing I would have to refresh my memory. Somehow it is like riding a bike, it always comes back to me.

handmade cribbage board

handmade cribbage board

Which is why I was happily surprised when two different waiters and a bartender walked by our table outside (thank you Portland heat lamps) and asked about our Cribbage game. They actually knew what we were playing. They even commented on my beautiful Cribbage board (purchased at the Portland Saturday Market). What is it about the game of Cribbage that piques the interest of others? One waiter mentioned watching his grandfather and father playing on the beach. He said he had a very specific image in his head, stated to us with a smile on his face.

I would like to tell you that we finished our game and I kicked my friend’s butt, but we never finished our game. Instead we talked about life, love, and included a few 15, 2 and 15, 4’s in the mix. (Savvy Cribbage players will understand).

Word to the wise, for those of you looking for a date. If you live in Portland, bring along a Cribbage board. The three men that stopped us were not to shabby (don’t worry I told Chris). I think a deck of cards, some pegs, and a nice handmade board might be just the way to get an extra wink and maybe a phone number.