What excites you?

What excites you? What makes your lips turn into a huge smile, gives you excited flutters in your tummy, or makes you jump up and down with glee?

I remember a few years ago receiving a check in the middle of the year from the Oregon Department of Revenue. It was a good year for them and they made the decision to send refund checks for the amount they were in excess that year. When I opened the envelope and looked inside I started jumping up and down and yelling for Chris to come see. You might think based on that story that I get excited about money, and that was not the case, I was excited about the surprise of it. It was like winning a mini unexpected lottery. Who would not jump up and down?

What excites you might be the smallest thing. A few weeks ago, I was excited when I found a successful answer to a work project. It was a simple answer of switching the formula I was working on. I squealed out: “I did it!” Other times it might be a long weekend break where you are able to relax, sleep, and catch up on your life. Maybe it is hiking that mountain, crossing that finish line, or watching your child take their first step.

Whatever it is, your excitement is unique to you. The important thing is that you make sure there is excitement in your life. There needs to be days that you look within, assess, and jump for joy, whether in the large or small moments. I think I love roller coasters. I say “think” because it has been ten years since I have been to an amusement park. I am not sure I know what it is like anymore. If I am anything like my past ten years ago self, then I love the thrill of a fast-moving roller coaster. It is on my list to go to a roller coaster this year and see if they still excite me. What are you going to do this year that you have not done for a while, or ever before that excites you?

What excites you today?

Remember Playing MASH?

Do you remember as a kid playing MASH (Mansion/Apartment/Shack/House)? It used to be a horoscope/8-ball into your future. As a girl (and I can imagine more girls than boys played this game), you would list out 4 boys names, 4 cars, 4 numbers (usually meant for # of kids), 4 cities, and 4 jobs. Then the friend asking you the questions would say “Go” and they would make draw lines until you said “Stop.” Then they would count the number of lines and use that to go through the list and cross off items in each list until there was only one left. I have not played that game in years and years. AND. Yes, there is an online version. No longer do kids (if they still play this game) write on notebook paper. There is also, yes you guessed it, a MASH app.


It came to me today because we have been house hunting and it made me think about the house I grew up in, and how much my parents paid for that house, and how expensive homes are today. Like dominos, my mind went from the house I grew up in, to my neighborhood, to childhood friends, to games we played and then to MASH. Does your mind do that kind of domino effect of one thing to another?

As I started writing this post, I remembered I had this article saved for a while from LearnVest about “How much my lifestyle will cost?” I had been meaning to use their MASH style calculator that tells you how much money you need to be saving to have that MASH-esque lifestyle. It is sort of like a dream calculator.

Ah…the things we did as kids. The dreams we had for our mansion, the boys we dreamed about growing old with, the luxury car, oh the list goes on. In the end, it all turned out all right. Dreams are good though. Some we meet, some we never attain, and some we blow out of the water!